Steve + Jay

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We were so honored to be present for this special day. To be invited to take part in a celebration honoring decades of love and commitment with fantastic people from around the world is a privilege. To live in a state that recognizes that love, makes us proud.

Camden Harbor Inn - Natalie's - Wedding - Camden, Maine
Maine wedding - Groom with flower girl
Grooms holding hands - Camden, Maine Amphitheatre
Grooms on wedding day - Camden, Maine Amphitheatre
Food at Maine wedding at Natalie's at Camden Harbor Inn
Centerpiece at Maine wedding at Camden Harbor Inn
Cocktail at Natalie's Camden Harbor Inn Maine
Natalie's Camden Harbor Inn
Grooms laughing - Same sex wedding reception at Natalie's Camden Harbor Inn
Couple at wedding - Natalie's Camden Harbor Inn - Maine
Dancing during wedding reception at Camden Harbor Inn - Natalie's
Grooms dancing at wedding reception
Couple dancing at wedding reception - Natalie's - Camden Harbor Inn
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