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“…’cause your hands, they heal my body. And your voice is so sweet to my mind…” ~ 1200 Days. Erick Baker

We understand love and marriage. We have been in love over half our lives. If we sat down for coffee (or cocktails!) we could talk endlessly about the incredibly awesome times that we have had. We could probably shock you with some of the hard times that we have experienced as well. That is life, and we know that having your person – your soulmate, your lover, your friend by your side makes all of the good so much better and provides you strength to weather the difficult times as well. There is nothing like the bond of two people in love, and it is so incredible to watch through the lens.

We love to photograph love. We hope that your session will feel like a fun date night with a lot of hugging and kissing and laughing.  We will ask you to touch. We will ask you to really look at each other. We will ask you to laugh at nothing and that will make you laugh harder. We will create beautiful and emotional images that you can look back on in years to come and we hope that they will make you smile and remember the way that you felt in the photo. We hope that you will recall all of the great times and that you will feel proud of all of the challenging times that you have conquered together. And we also hope that you will look back and realize what hotties you were…that will be fun.


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